UEZ Chemicals Sdn Bhd (898782-X)

switchyards Gamuda MRT cable bridge
2009 - 2015
UEZ Chemicals Sdn Bhd (898782-X)
(Formerly known as UE Zinga Malaysia Sdn Bhd)

Zinga Reseller and Applicator, authorised by GPT Resources Sdn Bhd for Malaysia in all fields and territories except Marine and Off shore.
MRT cable bridge over Sungai Langgat,Selangor Malaysia

Zinga Film Galvanizing System

Zinga = Active Cathodic Corrosion Protection

ZINGA is a one pack coating that provides cathodic protection to ferrous metals. It can be used as a unique system as an alternative to hot-dip galvanization or metalization, as primer in a duplex system or as a re-charging system for hot-dip galvanization or metalization. It can be applied by brushing, rolling or spraying on a clean and rough substrate in a wide range of atmospheric circumstances. Zinga is also available as an aerosol and is sold as ZingaSpray.

Benefits of Zinga

  • Cathodic protection is comparable to traditional Galvanizing
  • Can be applied, just paint, in-situ without dismantling structures
  • Mechanical flexibility
  • Not brittle, does not peel off, will not blister
  • One pack, unlimited shelf life, unlimited pot life
  • Can be top coated ( duplex system)
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